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WOOD is a LIVING product; so do LAMINATE flooring

When envisioning historic interiors, we may picture gleaming wooden floor, this is partly true as wooden owns its aesthetic look that fits in most interior space, let's discover more as a trip through wood flooring illustrates.

Way before 19th century, timber is collectively harvested and predominant materials used for structural and flooring. First wooden floors in colonial America were structure was wide, thick planks cut, tight grains from the continent's abundant old-growth forests. During that age, trees are in massive diameter, with extreme tight-grained making it suitable for flooring.

After decades gone by, environment conscious realize resources restriction to be & reduced most cut down. This initiate new technology intervention of brought laminate flooring into market & with careful controlled over senseless timber cuts. Laminate flooring significantly substituted the hardwood flooring market these days, still, keeping the long most sought after species appearance with proven & lasting performance under proper maintenance.

Each piece of laminated floorboard is wood based and its natural wood materials changes with room temperature, day & night. Also, the change does affected by moisture level during seasonal transitions of wet and dry seasons. These lead to common issue of board gap formation if much of rise & fall humidity and jobs required are to push back floorboard panels at short side. Another concern is board warping with high moist which caused it to expand nowhere but up or out and to have window open for few day to proper conditioning the room will keep the impact minimal.

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