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FLOOR DEPOT "Thickness Does Matter" Laminate Flooring

Laminated flooring gained its popularity in global market & ideas incorporate into part of interior elements are widely use by interior designers and renovators these days. Many different styles and specifications are made to cater the markets expectation, FLOOR DEPOT is known into providing the right laminate flooring solutions to both residential home as well as for commercial spaces.

Being classified as technology flooring; laminate flooring installation is not as complex as imagined by general. The instant makeover installation method is very much encouraging homeowners/business owners to schedule fixing laminate flooring at own convenient time throughout the year. Choosing the right type of laminate flooring shall look into the primary specification ie : core board quality, surface treatment performance and thickness of laminate flooring.

Thickness is translated as board dimensional stabilization of laminated flooring. The right thickness reduces to tenancy of board warping due to the day & night room temperature & humidity level. In additional, walking on laminate flooring with 12mm thickness feel more solid feeling than 6mm thickness. FLOOR DEPOT New Generation Laminate flooring has extensive range of thickness from 6mm to 12 mm cater for different flooring usage for both residential & commercial area.

A certain level of thickness is required to ensure that your laminate pieces fit to your choice. Besides, laminate flooring does require appropriate underlayment to eliminate hollow sound that mostly encountered by consumers. The solution is Sound Reduce HDPE Silencio by FLOOR DEPOT, it can be laid in 2 methods - floating or non floating, namely Value FastFix (VFF2) & Value ClassicFix (VCF2)

A house/ business premises is an investment, so does good laminate flooring that delivered best ever experience & benefits to you. To get more about latest laminate flooring offer, login to visit or call 1300-88-7585 for further assistance.

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