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Laminate flooring has become a popular choice for many interior designers and homeowner with its ability to closely imitate most popular hardwood surfaces. Laminate floors are with great textures and designs create a harmony space and well blended with elements of durability, ease maintenance, functionality, and affordability the same compare to hard surface floors. Laminate floors are built resistant to wear and tear, stains and high quality water resistance. The beautifully rich textured finishes flooring are great choice to design a space, and homeowners desire design that reflects a lifestyle or offer a natural look.

There are also great texture laminate floors, and FLOOR DEPOT has capitalized the texture of laminate collections in line. Many of flooring deliver visual texture with dramatic impact & distinct look found in the natural woods. Many homeowners love product with versatility and few products are more versatility than laminate flooring and it as well deliver unlimited design opportunity.

When people think about texture, they usually think about carpet. But there is also great texture in wood in laminate floors. Surface treatments like natural touch, natural rough, natural crystal, and natural grain adds even more visual impact. You can use lighter shades to expand a room, for soft elegant look or go with darker tones to get a closer, rustic and more intimate feel. The distinctive feature make laminate look exactly like hardwood and it also keeps the dust and dirt from being trap in the edges.

Aside visual comprehension of laminate flooring, the new generation laminate collection offers distinct surface treatment from smooth surface imitate clean and polish look, and the compact of grain texture emulate a degree of wood grain matte feeling & grainy finishing found in wood natural settings.
Natural Crystal – smooth, clean with immaculate finishing
Natural Touch – natural grain expose a minimal visual effect, smooth with minimal grain texture
Natural Grain – slight more grain texture & grains are closer, and feeling of stepping on wood fine rough crafted surface

Settling on a particular style can be a challenge especially first time buyer; there is contemporary, country, casual, elegant, bold and so forth. The new generation laminate flooring boasts a wide spectrum of colors and textured finishing; Pine, Teak, Oak, and Maple to name a few that are perfect for decorators who are uncertain about their styles.
Before you lay your floor, think about the shape and size of your room. In a narrow space, visually when floorboard lay horizontally, enhance the space to look when eyes are drawn from side to side, instead of down the length of the room.
Likewise, vertical placement creates the effect of length of room to stretch visually, but this does not work in narrow spaces but create the depth feeling of space. Plus, floorings with v groove can influence the appearance of a room, and result space to appear deeper. Meanwhile floorboard without v groove is suited to sleeker, more streamlined spaces.

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